soothing relief - 125ml | 4.22 fl.oz

Skin Soothe Plain Gel Spray is 99.7% pure Aloe Vera extract delivered to a wound or trauma site, without the risk of cross-infection, by spray application. The many benefits of Aloe Vera are brought into effect very rapidly, reducing the risk of wound site infection and the exacerbation of pain and discomfort.

The purest form of Aloe Vera; the plain gel spray is a must in every first-aid kit, sports kit, fishing bag, and family car. The extract will rapidly reduce the discomfort of burns and abrasions, cleanse the wound site, penetrate deep into the affected area and stimulate the speedy regeneration of skin cells to seal off the damaged area to bacterial infection, speeding up the healing process, reducing visible scarring and hastening the return to normal skin moisture levels and condition. It allows application to “those hard to get to” areas and areas where a mist application is preferred rather than a gel-type material.

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